Tool Sets / Tool Boxes(Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height):255×190×40)

Various items such as double-opening type, single-opening type, trunk type, etc. with various materials such as resin and steel/aluminum are available.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Tool set and tool box only
Toolbox Type
Tool set type
Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm)
Set Content(Point)
Case color
Insertion Angle(mm)

    Clear Case

      Parts Case




      Product Series

      Clear Case

      Parts Case

      Days to Ship 12 Day(s) or more 2 Day(s)
      Tool set and tool box onlyTool BoxTool Box
      Toolbox TypeParts CaseParts Case
      Tool set type--
      Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm)255×190×40255×190×40
      Set Content(Point)--
      Case color--
      Insertion Angle(mm)--


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