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Flexible Shaft Couplings(Buffer Material:PEEK)


  • Slit
  • Disc
  • Oldham
  • Jaw
  • Bellows
  • Others
  • Vibration Damping Rubber Type
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Allowable Misalignment
Allowable Torque Range(N•m)
Shaft Bore Dia. (machined) D1(Ø)
Shaft Bore Dia. (machined) D2(Ø)
Outer Dia. A(Ø)
Overall Length W(mm)
Max. Rotational Speed Range(r/min)
Body Material
Product Category
Allowable Torque(N•m)
Max. Rotational Speed(r/min)
Allowable Lateral Misalignment Range(mm)
Allowable Lateral Misalignment(mm)
Allowable Angular Misalignment(deg)
Buffer Material
Disc Material
Bellows Material

    Oldham Couplings MJ series 

      MOP clean, vacuum, heat-resistance support coupling - Oldham type (PEEK)




      Product Series

      Oldham Couplings MJ series 

      MOP clean, vacuum, heat-resistance support coupling - Oldham type (PEEK)

      • 2D / 3D
      Days to Ship 15 Day(s) or more 14 Day(s) or more
      Allowable MisalignmentNot ProvidedAngular Misalignment / Eccentricity
      ApplicationStandard / Servo Motor / Stepping Motor / EncoderStandard / Stepping Motor
      Allowable Torque Range(N•m)-0.05~1.00 ~ 1.01~3.00
      Shaft Bore Dia. (machined) D1(Ø)-5 ~ 14
      Shaft Bore Dia. (machined) D2(Ø)-5 ~ 14
      Outer Dia. A(Ø)19.1 ~ 88-
      Overall Length W(mm)9.4 ~ 3022.1 ~ 33.3
      Max. Rotational Speed Range(r/min)-10001~78000
      FeaturesHigh Accuracy ~ Vibration InsulationClean Environment ~ Vacuum Environment
      Body MaterialAluminumAluminum
      Product Category-Coupling Main Body
      Allowable Torque(N•m)-0.7 ~ 2.8
      Max. Rotational Speed(r/min)-19000 ~ 31000
      Allowable Lateral Misalignment Range(mm)-1.1~3.0
      Allowable Lateral Misalignment(mm)-1.3 ~ 2
      Allowable Angular Misalignment(deg)-2
      Buffer MaterialPEEKPEEK
      Disc Material--
      Bellows Material--


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